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At Green Meadows, you can receive traditional Three-Day Hemodialysis Services on-site through our partner Concerto Renal Services.

Traveling to a dialysis clinic can be disruptive, confusing and time consuming. Dialyzing in place allows you to receive all the care you need in one spot - rehabilitation, nursing and kidney care.  This promotes safety, infection control, and better clinical coordination.

Industry Best Practices

Concerto follows industry best practices to prevent access site infections regarding post treatment access care. They train Green Meadows staff on how to manage the access site through access site meetings and scheduling access center appointments.

Our Care Team Includes:

-Operations Leaders
- Renal Nurses
- Patient Care Techs
- Dieticians
- Social Workers


Collaborative Approach

There is close communication between the Concerto team and Green Meadows staff, allowing the clinical team to decide what is the best treatment option. This minimizes the amount of hospital readmits.